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You should sell your timber to us because:

We have professional foresters with B.S. degrees from Purdue University in Forest Products and Forest Management whose sole job is to help you plan a selective timber harvest. You and one of our timber buyers can work together through the following steps:Selection and pricing of trees that have reached economic maturity. Pricing of your total timber stand. (These estimates are free.)

Selection of trees to thin overcrowded stands to encourage faster tree growth and higher future value, planning of log landing and trail layout, tree planting, wildlife management, and other goals.

We employ professional loggers who have completed cutter and skidder training courses in logger safety and forest land protection. These professionals protect the residual forest stand by implementing Best Management Practices (BMP's) before, during, and after a timber harvest. These are voluntary logging standards designed to preserve, conserve, and protect your land and timber while making the harvest operation safer.

After a harvest, close out operations usually include installing water bars on slopes, smoothing of trails and yards, mulching with straw where needed, and planting of domestic and native grasses. Our goal is to do quality work so that you will call us again when you decide to sell your timber. Call us to talk timber; it's our life!

We pay top prices with all of the money paid up front before a tree is cut. Call us when you decide to sell or if you need a bid on your trees. Please call one of our buyers listed above to set up an appointment. The following pictures show our foresters and professional loggers in action.

"Give us a call before you sell your timber".


Our Logging crews at work:
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